Staff Spotlight: Kelsey Moore

Staff Spotlight: Kelsey Moore

ELC Student Experience & Social Media Coordinator

Born and raised on the Sunshine Coast, Kelsey studied a dual degree in Business and Arts with a major in Japanese language.

As part of her studies she did a one-year exchange program at Doshisha University in Kyoto. After coming back to Australia she worked in social media marketing until she joined our team in 2015.

Kelsey has provided invaluable services and support to hundreds of students, being there for them whenever is needed, organising and coordinating the social activities, looking after our social media channels, making sure everyone has a great experience during their time with us and cheering everyone up with her contagious smile and positive attitude.

Latest achievement: Organising the 15th Anniversary Party.

Proud moment: Being able to remember the names of hundreds of students.

Currently on her desk: Social activity calendars and ELC t-shirts.

Special moments: Hearing how students value my support, and building long-lasting friendships with them.